St Ronan’s Church and St. John's Cross, Isle of Iona

St Ronan’s Church is a Medieval Parish Church within the Nunnery precinct on the Isle of Iona.  St. Ronan’s Church had become ruinous after the Reformation was consolidated during the 1920s when a glazed roof was installed to enable its use as a repository of some of the many Early Christian and medieval carved funerary monuments.

However by the 1980s the metal roof structure and glazing were in such poor condition and the internal environmental conditions were so detrimental to the carved stones that funding was raised to renovate the Museum to provide for the replacement of the roof, repair of the medieval structure and provision of new storage facilities for the carved stones.  The supporting structure for the display and storage shelving and new roof was designed to sit within and without touching the medieval structure of the Church. The flat lead roof with glazing along each side was designed so that it is not visible above the wall heads of the medieval structure.

The stone floor paving was laid out to identify the arrangement and existence of an earlier small church below the medieval structure which was identified, together with a number of earlier, medieval and early modern burials on the site, during the archaeological excavations undertaken before the building works commenced.  The Church is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade B Listed building.