Conservation Sustainability Architecture

Conservation • Sustainability • Architecture

We strive to create architecture that improves the quality and beauty of our built environment in the most sustainable way possible, for the benefit of all. 

We are an architectural practice based in Leith, Edinburgh specialising in building conservation and sustainable design. With over 25 years of experience, the practice undertakes a range of projects from housing and schools through to museums and galleries. 

We have had the pleasure of working all across Scotland alongside some significant projects south of the border. The remote corners of the West Coast, the Inner Isles and the Outer Hebrides continue to provide incredible work opportunities and we have a strong relationship with this wild and beautifully varied part of our country. 

The studio has considerable experience in the survey, repair, maintenance and adaptation of historic buildings and the preparation of conservation management plans for historic places. The practice was founded when John was appointed as Architect on the restoration of Iona Abbey and a deep connection with our Architectural history has remained at the core of the practice ever since. 

We are passionate about the principles and practice of sustainable, low-energy, low-carbon design and construction. In each project we encourage our clients to set robust environmental targets. Energy efficiency will reduce the running costs of the building significantly and is key in establishing a building’s long-term viability. 

The studio has considerable experience in developing energy efficient solutions in existing and new buildings and seek to consider sustainability at all stages of any project, no matter the scale.