BASF Callanish

BASF have a factory at Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. The factory is a GMP production plant and purifies Ethyl Esters of Omega 3 Ethyl Esters as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for use in medicinal products.

The existing factory has been maximised in relation to production and storage facilities and the demand for their product is such that additional production facilities are required. A series of new buildings and facilities are proposed on an area of previously undeveloped land to the north of the existing factory. The new buildings will reflect the existing factory aesthetic which was originally established for processing fish. 

The Team

Stage: Planning

Client: BASF (Pharma) Callanish

Structural Engineer: Harley Haddow

Services Engineer: Harley Haddow

Civil Engineer: Harley Haddow

Quantity Surveyor: IMQS

Contractor: TBC