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In 2016 a community-funded Outline Business Case identified serious potential to increase participation in sport, create life chances and attract tourism to South Kintyre, an area with outstanding natural resources and yet persistent pockets of social deprivation. 

The Kintyre Seasports SCIO was formed in 2017 to bridge the gap, and fulfil that potential. In three years Seasports has connected with 17 community partners, instigated an annual Community Regatta, doubled participation levels and developed personal development-and career pathway programmes for disadvantaged young people. 

This building will show what the Campbeltown community can do with the right tools for the job. 

Governing Design Factors


The greatest influence on the success of the Seasports project has been, and will continue to be, the involvement of our community. The Seasports building will be a welcoming social, recreational and events hub for all, and a home for Changing Lives through sport. 

Education and Training 

Two programmes have already commenced – Try Dive, in partnership with the Kintyre Youth Cafe, which can lead to commercial qualifications, and Sailing Instructor Training, with Campbeltown Grammar School and RYA Scotland. New programmes will include marine vocational training, to be developed with Argyll College. 

Local Needs User Requirements were collated from existing clubs and community groups early in the design process. Community Regatta numbers (>400), increased club memberships (>200) and participation growth (x2) through 2019 all show a need for new capacity. 

Attracting Tourism 40% of watersports participants in the 2018- and 2019 Regattas were visitors. Adventure tourism is a rapidly growing market. The new facilities will equip Campbeltown as a leading destination for sailing, diving, kayaking, paddleboarding and other sports, such as open water swimming. 

Site Constraints Phase One of the Kintyre Seasports Full Business Case concluded that the current Campbeltown Sailing Club site was the best in the locality. CSC members have agreed in principle to make it available as a contribution to funding. However the scale of the project requires a larger building and an offshore pontoon to handle boat storage. This configuration increases sailing time and reduces road use. Visiting boats can launch at the commercial slip, avoiding traffic congestion and parking problems in the immediate vicinity of the building. 

Ground Floor Plan​

First Floor Plan


Building Design

The building design has been optimised to suit user requirements on a site with complex constraints including the local and historic context, flood risk, access, boat storage and the existing retaining wall. 

Internally, the building will meet modern standards whilst remaining viable for years to come. The arrangements have been split with all of the ‘wet’ spaces at ground floor for ease of access and management whilst the ‘dry’ social, office and teaching spaces are at first floor. 

Simple, robust materials are proposed to clad the building to suit the harsh marine environment of the West coast of Scotland. Colour and large glazed openings will signify the public nature of the building and encourage interest from those passing by. 

It is important that the building has low energy demands and high sustainability values. High levels of insulation, air tight construction, minimal cold bridging, heat recovery systems and renewable technologies will create a comfortable and healthy internal environment with low running costs and the lowest impact on the environment as is possible. 

Public Consultation

Due to the coronavirus pandemic it is not realistic to have a public consultation so a presentation has been produced that provides more detail on the project, the social and economic impact that it will have and ways in which you can get involved. 

The presentation can be accessed by clicking the link below. 

Kintyre Seasports Public Consultation

We would welcome any questions that you have about the project and these can be forward on to Campbell Fox, Chair of Kintyre Seasports.

There is also a series of frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page that may provide the information you are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions



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