Polochar Inn

Polochar Inn is a Grade B listed building located on the southern tip of the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. 

The name of the building is derived from the Gaelic for inlet of the stone (Poll a Charra), the Inn sitting near the Bronze Age Polochar standing stone. An Inn has been located on this spot since the 1609 Statues of Iona and was the last departure point for the ferry running between South Uist and Eriskay, since relocated.

The original Inn has been extensively extended and refurbished over time leading to a loss in clarity of the original building and an erosion of its character. JRA have been tasked with a staged programme of works to restore the historic hierarchy of the building, material repairs and upgrade the facilities to meet 21st century accommodation standards.

The first stage of works comprises roof repairs and window replacements to the Inn. Materials have been selected to be as close to the original materials as possible and detailed in a traditional and robust way to withstand the harsh and extreme conditions the building faces.

The second stage of the works include demolition, extension and internal remodelling to provide clear distinction between the different uses of the building, to give generous bedroom accommodation and to improve the quality of the social spaces

The Team

Stage: Planning

Client: Polochar Inn

Contractor: JJ Macdonald